Ways Facial Recognition Can Be Used to Make Our Return to Cities Safer

Facial recognition is a mode of recognizing

Facial recognition is a mode of recognizing or confirming an individual’s identity using their face. It is a way of physical identification that uses body demographics, face, and head, to verify the identity of a person through facial patterns and data. Generally, facial recognition does not depend on a huge database of photos to determine an individual’s identity. In fact, it simply identifies and recognizes one person matching exactly to the face database & filtering out other faces. However, the pandemic affected the usage of such systems. These technologies are among the most relied-on and efficient access control tools available to smart cities.

Ways how one can use a face recognition system effectively:

1. Safer Offices

With facial recognition technology, companies not only make less use of touch but also, can control access to who can enter their property. Companies can use this as an alternative for passwords to access computers/tablets. The technology cannot be hacked as there is nothing to steal or change, like the case of a password. The access control has plenty of other perks like eliminating reception and admin duties and assisting HR with payrolls and schedules. Also, it eliminates the risk of spoofing using an access card or PIN.

2. Safer Public Transportation

Face recognition makes it easier to track down burglars, robbers, and trespassers. When facial recognition is used in public transportation, public places like railway stations, bus stands, and crowded markets it helps vigilant authorities with anything from their anti-terrorism or anti-criminal efforts to fare evasion. This technology could help reduce potential bias and decrease stops and searches on law-abiding citizens, by singling out suspects among crowds through an automated rather than human process.

3. Safer Shopping

Both retailers and consumers can enjoy a faster, more convenient, and more efficient shopping experience with better tools for crowd control with face recognition. Also, can help retailers safeguard themselves against fraudulent activities. Risks like impersonation, accepting a spoofed credit card or selling age-restricted merchandise to underage shoppers.
With the advancement of AI technology in video surveillance business authorities can get useful data on footfall count, purchase trends in different sections, regular customers database, etc.

4. Protection for Vulnerable or At-Risk Communities

With the rising adaptation of facial recognition technologies in smart cities, it can prevent devastating incidents or aid law enforcement authorities. In an epoch of cyber-attacks and advanced hacking tools, companies need both secure and fast technologies that enable quick and efficient verification of a person’s identity.


Facial recognition technology offers very effective security solutions. Despite the risks, the systems are suitable and tough to counterfeit. Such systems will continue to develop in the future, the challenge will be to maximize their advantages while minimizing their risks. Clocite India offers a video identification technology based on AI face recognition, machine learning, and biometrics to verify identity anytime and anywhere in total compliance.

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