Which one is the Best Home Security Camera? Wired or Wireless

Homes protected against predictable

Homes protected against predictable and unexpected security risks are the secret to a peaceful life. We are lucky to be dwelling in a technologically advanced world, where smart home security cameras are easily accessible to every common man. Modern home security solutions are synonymous with efficiency and reliability. Moreover, with a wide variety of home security camera choices, every household has the liberty to pick a camera made to cater to its specific needs. However, home security cameras are categorized into two major types i.e. Wired Surveillance cameras and Wireless Surveillance Cameras.

Both wired and wireless home security cameras offer you an extra eye to track what is happening in and outside your residence. Smart video monitoring cameras allow you to keep a watch on your loved ones and tangibles distantly in real time. Since both types of home security cameras can deliver the core functionality of video surveillance solutions, it is quite tricky for users to choose between a wired or a wireless camera.

Let us make it easier for every reader to understand these two terms:

  1. Wired camera: Home security cameras that connect to the internet and a source of power by wires or cables.
  2. Wireless cameras: Home security cameras that connect to the internet by a 4G/3G SIM card technology or Wi-Fi. This type of camera uses a wire to get connected to a power source.

Additional Insights: You may get confused between a wireless and wire-free camera or might end up classifying both as the same. However, it is not the case. While a wireless camera uses a wired power source but Wi-Fi as an internet connection, a wire-free camera is all away from a wired set-up. A wire-free camera is connected over Wi-Fi and operates on batteries for power. It is 100% wire-free.

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